Jakarta (ANTARA) - House Speaker Puan Maharani reminded the government to always provide accurate information to the public regarding the spread and handling of acute hepatitis.

"Government needs to offer an accurate explanation to the public regarding the cases and handling of acute hepatitis," the speaker noted in a written statement received here on Friday.

Deputy of Coordination on Health Quality Development and Population Building at the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture Agus Suprapto stated that to address the inquiry, he had reminded the public to seek information about acute hepatitis from credible and trustworthy sources.

The ministry had appealed to the public to access accurate information on acute hepatitis from the government or organizations with authorities.

"Actually, there is an official channel for the public to know about (the spread and handling of mysterious hepatitis). The National Pediatric Association (IDAI) has provided a fixed number to (answer to such questions). The Health Ministry also had a hotline number on 119. You can also (seek information) at Soeroso Hospital," he stated.

Moreover, the government had expedited precautionary measures to prevent an increase in the number of mysterious pediatric hepatitis cases in Indonesia.

He remarked that the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture and Health Ministry had held a meeting to discuss about the issue.

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"Prior to Eid, we have held a meeting with the Health Ministry to anticipate the increase in the number of hepatitis cases," he noted.

Suprapto revealed that at the meeting, discussions held on several topics included handling procedures, precautionary measures against an increase in the number of cases, and appointing laboratories that would be developed to further study hepatitis.

Moreover, a discussion will be held on risk communication and hospitals that could be referred to for the treatment of the disease, he added.

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