Through the Town Hall Meeting, they can express their ideas and aspirations regarding the issues on sustainable and habitable planet.
Samarinda (ANTARA) - The Indonesian organizing committee of the 2022 G20 Youth 20 (Y20) intensively disseminates information on the implementation of Y20 Pre-Summit (KTT) III in Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan Province, on May 21–22, 2022.

Head of Program, Logistics, and Delegation Relations Department of the Y20 organizing committee Muhammad Syaeful Mujab said in Kadrie Oening Sports Hall, Samarinda City, on Saturday, that the Y20 forum is a part of the G20 Presidency which focuses on various issues considered by the youths important in future.

The forum will provide a policy recommendation to the leaders of the G20 members.

"The priority of Y20 is to discuss a concrete action to resolve various global problems through two sub-priorities, namely the preservation of natural resources as well as maintaining sustainable consumption and production through the implementation of a circular economy," Mujab stated.

East Kalimantan Governor Isran Noor said that his party welcomes the implementation of the 2022 Y20 Pre-Summit III themed ‘Sustainable and Liveable Planet’.

He went on to say that the discussion of the issues regarding the theme also becomes the responsibility of his party since East Kalimantan is one of the provinces which have the largest tropical rain forest in Indonesia.

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Meanwhile, Aie Natasha, Co-Chair of Indonesian Youth Diplomacy in East Kalimantan, said that Y20 Pre-Summit III will be an opportunity for Kalimantan youths to get involved in solving various global issues.

She said that her party will hold a Town Hall Meeting to gather the Kalimantan youngsters to participate in the discussion regarding the global issues.

“Through the Town Hall Meeting, they can express their ideas and aspirations regarding the issues on sustainable and habitable planet. These aspirations will be conveyed by the official Indonesian delegations at the Y20 forum," she said.

Balikpapan City is appointed to host the forum since the city has received the ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable City (ESC) Award in 2021.

The implementation of the Y20 Pre-Summit III will also be attended by delegates and observers from Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries, as well as a number of representatives from several foreign embassies in Indonesia.
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