Seven other Buddhist inmates were awarded type II remission, which automatically ends their prison term
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Law and Human Rights has granted special remissions to a total of 1,252 Buddhist inmates nationwide to commemorate 2022 Vesak Day.

"(Of the 1,252 inmates), some 1,245 inmates receive type I remission that means a reduction to their prison term," Directorate General of Prisons' Coordinator of the Public Relations and Protocol department Rika Aprianti noted in a statement here on Monday.

In detail, some 116 inmates were awarded 15-day remission, while 768 inmates received one-month remission, 211 inmates got one month and 15 days remission, and 150 inmates were awarded a two-month remission, she noted.

"Seven other Buddhist inmates were awarded type II remission, which automatically ends their prison term," Aprianti stated.

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The coordinator explained that only inmates, who had fulfilled administrative and substantive prerequisites, such as serving for a minimum of six months, not included in the F register, and actively participating in personal development activities in the prison, were eligible for the remission.

"The state is present to tend to and provide incentives to inmates to maintain their integrity," she remarked.

Aprianti made assurance that the prisoner's rights, such as the granting of remission, assimilation, pre-release integration, relatives' visit facility, healthcare service, and other rights, would not be compromised despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Aprianti expressed optimism that remissions granted to Buddhist inmates would motivate them to improve their lives, which will be reflected in their daily activities.

Budget of some Rp739.5 million (US$50.2 thousand) for the inmates' food has been saved by granting special Vesak Day remissions, she noted.

The coordinator revealed that the top three provinces that logged the most number of inmates receiving remissions on Vesak Day are North Sumatra, with 265 inmates; West Kalimantan, with 200 inmates; and Banten, with 164 inmates.

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