Bandung (ANTARA) - High-tech boats and drones are being deployed in searching for West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil's son, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz (Eril), who went missing in Aaree River, Switzerland, Indonesian Ambassador to Bern, Muliaman D. Hadad, confirmed.

"Hence, for today, the SAR team is still conducting searches. For this morning, the method is more intensive, with boat search and drones navigating river banks and dives," Hadad stated at a press conference held virtually on Saturday.

The search for Eril was conducted by the local police, river police, and firefighters of Bern City, Switzerland. The search will be conducted since morning by using drone and boat scanning technology.

He revealed that a thermal or body temperature scanner had been used to search for Eril for fifteen minutes, about 10 minutes since he reportedly went missing.

Meanwhile, the drone to be used on the third day of the search was one that detected the riverbed contours. The drone will capture images of the river to facilitate the search process, Hadad remarked.

Moreover, two types of drones, with different functions, will be used at different times as well, he added.

"The results from the thermal drone are effective in the early minutes, about 15 minutes after the incident. When thermal detection is not possible, it is not optimal. Drones are now flying low along the river current, maneuvering inch by inch," he explained.

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In principle, every possible method would be employed to optimize the search. However, diving would be applied in a certain condition, considering that the river had cold and cloudy waters since it was caused by melted snow. The white crystals of melted snow have made the water cloudy, thereby making it difficult to conduct diving.

"The water temperature in the river is around 16 degrees Celsius, with a slightly cloudy level of turbidity as compared to the optimal situation where the water is clear blue in summer," Hadad remarked.

He later noted that the search was conducted from the initial location to the site where contact was lost, specifically on the side of the river, some seven kilometers to the downstream.

At the end of the second day's search, Hadad's side accompanied Governor Kamil and his wife to meet the SAR team on duty on the field.

"The SAR team's statement said that the search for Eril was a priority. They used various available methods. We were in full coordination 24 hours," he affirmed.

The local police have also strengthened a communication line with the Indonesian Embassy. The Indonesian Embassy also coordinates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding developments in the situation and efforts that should be optimized to support the search process, he added.

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