Jakarta (ANTARA) - Cybersecurity expert Pratama Persadha urged the government to immediately ratify the personal data protection bill (RUU PDP) and the cybersecurity and resilience bill (RUU KKS) to strengthen Indonesia's cybersecurity.

"There are at least three laws that regulate cyberspace in Indonesia, namely UU ITE (Information and Electronic Transaction Law), UU PDP (Personal Data Protection Law), and UU KKS (Cybersecurity and Resilience Law). Of the three, the ITE Law has existed since 2008 and has undergone a revision in 2016. The House of Representatives (DPR) and the government should pursue the RUU PDP and the RUU KKS to be ratified," he noted in a statement received here on Wednesday.

President Joko Widodo earlier remarked that Indonesia's digital economy potential would touch US$135 billion. According to Persadha, internet infrastructure and cybersecurity are the main requirements to achieve the figure or even surpass it.

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He noted that growth of the digital economy would be exponential if cyberspace in the country is truly safe, cybercrimes can be overcome, and misuse of personal data draws appropriate and proper penalties.

"A safe and conducive cyberspace situation is the best guarantee for the community to conduct digital economic activities, which in the end will continue to increase domestic and foreign investors to boost economic activities in the country. Apart from that, the country will also not miss data exploitation by tech giants," he pointed out.

Persadha, who serves as chairman of the Communication and Information System Security Research Center (CISSReC), noted that all of these can be achieved through various means, including by putting in place complete and strong laws. To this end, he opined that the RUU PDP and RUU KKS must be prioritized by the state.

"On the birthday of Pancasila, I hope that the PDP Law and the KKS Law would soon be born in the country, so that they can be in charge of various defense policies, cybersecurity in the country, and guard Indonesia's digital economy," he remarked.

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