Manggar, Bangka Belitung (ANTARA) - The East Belitung District Government, Bangka Belitung Islands, will introduce the Nam Salu Open Pit Geosite, a historic tin ore mining tourism site to the delegates of Indonesia's G20 Presidency in 2022.

"East Belitung is included as the destination for G20 delegates, so we focus on introducing historical mining attraction," the East Belitung Regional Secretary, Ikhwan Fahrozi, said in Manggar, Sunday.

Fahrozi explained, based on the schedule he received, the G20 delegates' meeting in East Belitung, known as the Rainbow Troops Land, will last for three days.

"The schedule we received says the G20 agenda in East Belitung is only three days, but that can change. What is certain is we are also involved as hosts in this international event," he said.

Moreover, Fahrozi said, the local government is more focused on promoting the tin ore or cassiterite mining tourist destination, which is considered to have an important history.

"Looking at the historical traces, the Nam Salu Open Pit Geosite is the deepest and largest open-pit tin mining tourist destination in Southeast Asia, which is about 100 meters," he explained.

The geological site, which is located in Senyubok Village, Kelapa Kampit Sub-District, East Belitung, was operated from 1980 to 1993 and had produced 500 thousand tons of tin ore with 2-percent grade.

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"This is the largest primary tin ore deposit in a single mine ever discovered," Fahrozi said.

Meanwhile, the East Belitung Tourism and Culture Office has prepared booklets for the G20 delegates.

"In September 2022, we will also hold the Jelajah Pesona Jalur Rempah or the "Explore the Spice Route" activity to welcome G20 guests," Secretary of the East Belitung Tourism and Culture Office Hendri informed.

In addition, Hendri said, the geological museum will also be revamped to make it more worth visiting because it is located close to the geosite.

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