Through the application, we can also measure how BUMDes and BUMDesma promote villages
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Villages, Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration (PDTT) Ministry has encouraged tourist villages managed by Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) and Collective BUMDes (BUMDesma) to provide the Desa Wisata Nusantara application as a medium for promotion of villages.

"The Desa Wisata Nusantara application can show the nearest tourist villages in our location, which makes it easy to visit one or more tourist villages in a given time," PDTT Minister Abdul Halim Iskandar noted through a written statement on Friday.

Through the application, local and international tourists can more easily access information on destinations around them, the minister noted.

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"Through the application, we can also measure how BUMDes and BUMDesma promote villages," Iskandar remarked during the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)/Private CSR program award and Desa Wisata Nusantara promotion event.

A total of 1,407 village tourist destinations are managed by BUMDes and BUMDesma and had been registered in the Desa Wisata Nusantara application, he pointed out.

Some 10 tourist destinations are declared as tourist villages that the people like the most, one of which includes the Buton tourist village in North Sulawesi, he stated.

During the event, the minister also remarked that SOEs and private sector partnership, through the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program with BUMDes and BUMDesma, is quite helpful in expediting the pace of the village economy.

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"This aligns with the 17th Village SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which is Partnership for Village Development," he highlighted.

The CSR program from SOEs and Private Sector that empower villagers will drive village development, Iskandar noted.

"CSR partnership can be in the form of BUMDes entrepreneurship and management training, BUMDes assistance, capital support, production facilities, and others," he stated.

Meanwhile, Vice President Ma'ruf Amin noted that the tourist village is a form of community-based tourism that has an inclusive nature.

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