Mecca, Saudi Arabia (ANTARA) - More than half of all Indonesian Hajj pilgrims departing for this year's Hajj season arrived in Saudi Arabia through Medina and Jidda.

According to the Indonesia Hajj Office statistics here, some 63,134 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims -- equal to 63 percent -- of the total 100,051 Indonesian pilgrims performing their Hajj this year arrived in Saudi Arabia as of Friday (June 24) evening.

Of the 63 thousand Indonesian pilgrims, a total of 53,512 pilgrims arrived at Mecca, with 34,713 pilgrims arriving from Medina and 18,799 pilgrims from Jidda.

Indonesian Hajj pilgrims departing in the first phase embarked for Medina, some 338 kilometers northwest of Mecca, while pilgrims departing in the second phase will be flown directly to Jidda, west of Mecca.

Indonesian pilgrims arriving in Medina will stay for some nine days in the city before continuing their journey by land to Mecca, while pilgrims arriving in the second departure phase to Jidda will directly embark to Mecca.

According to this year's Hajj Travel Plan, pilgrims arriving in Medina for the first departure phase will began embarking to Mecca on Monday (June 27), while the last embarkation of the second departure phase is expected to arrive in Jidda on July 3.

Indonesian Hajj pilgrims are expected to be transported from Mecca to the Arafat plain on July 7 to perform their wuquf -- compulsory stay at the Arafat during Hajj -- on July 8, coinciding with the 9th day of Dhu al-hijjah, the 12th month of the Islamic calendar, before Eid al-Adha next day.

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Translator: Desi Purnamawati, Nabil Ihsan
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