Expect Indonesia to help end war: Ukrainian Ambassador

Expect Indonesia to help end war: Ukrainian Ambassador

Ukrainian Ambassador to Indonesia, Vasyl Hamianin, in a special interview with ANTARA in Jakarta on Saturday (June 25, 2022). (ANTARA/Katriana)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Ukrainian Ambassador to Indonesia Vasyl Hamianin has said that he expects Indonesia to help end the Ukraine-Russia war in response to news of President Joko Widodo's planned visit to the two countries in June-end.

“To stop the war, to put this absolutely irrational aggression to the end,” the ambassador said during a special interview with ANTARA in Jakarta on Saturday.

Nothing can happen if the war doesn't end, he added. For instance, food security, energy security, and logistics cannot be guaranteed if the war continues.

"If we talk about the food security, if you talk about energy security, if you talk about resuming the logistics worldwide, it all finally comes to the point, stop the war because when the war is in progress, nothing can happen," he remarked.

With the war raging for more than four months, millions of Ukrainian people have been displaced or have become refugees. The war has also caused many Ukrainians to get injured and killed. 

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So, all Ukrainians are praying every day and expecting the war to stop, Ambassador Vasyl Hamianin added. He then expressed the hope that President Widodo’s visit to Ukraine would help end the conflict so that the global food and energy crisis can be resolved.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi had revealed President Widodo’s plans to visit Ukraine and Russia. He would be the first Asian leader to visit the two countries since Russia launched what it has called special operations in Ukraine, she added.

The Foreign Minister said the President's visit is a reflection of his concern for humanity and his efforts to contribute to dealing with the impact of the war felt by countries around the world.

"Trying to contribute to dealing with the food crisis caused by war and its impact is felt by all countries, especially developing countries and low-income countries," the minister added.

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