This data is temporary, and I believe that it will continue to rise as vaccine distribution reaches regions.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - At least 58,275 ruminant livestock have received the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccine in 19 Indonesian provinces to prevent the spread of the disease, an Agriculture Ministry official has said.

"Vaccination continues on the field every Saturday and Sunday. For now, 58,275 livestock have been vaccinated," director general of farming and animal health at the ministry, Nasrullah, informed in an official statement issued on Monday.

"I thank field workers for your determination and tireless effort in helping our farmers," he added.

According to the official data posted on, the regions that have been the most active in carrying out vaccinations are Malang, East Java, with 24,483 vaccines administered, and Pasuruan, East Java, with 4,746 vaccines administered.

In addition, West Bandung, West Java, has administered 5,139 doses, and Banyumas, Central Java, 1,729.

"This data is temporary, and I believe that it will continue to rise as vaccine distribution reaches regions," Nasrullah said.

He urged field workers to expedite vaccinations of healthy animals in regions with red and yellow status to reduce the rate of FMD transmission.

"We ask for active cooperation from the regional leadership to immediately deploy vaccination workers because I saw that many of them have not yet moved, even though they have received the vaccines," he said.

"We should further expedite the effort on the field," he added.

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The government has distributed a total of 651,700 doses of emergency FMD vaccines since Friday to various regions.

It has prepared as many as 3 million vaccine doses and it will continue to increase the number of vaccines until they reach 29 million doses.

Currently, the government has established five STOP FMD keys with 5Ms, Nasrullah informed.

They comprise vaccinating healthy livestock, maintaining cage sanitation and biosecurity, restricting livestock and livestock product traffic, isolating sick and new livestock, and stamping out FMD-stricken livestock in FMD-free islands.

So far, a total of 273,416 heads of livestock have been confirmed to be FMD positive in 217 districts or cities in 19 provinces. Of the total figure, 8,083 have recovered, 2,636 have been conditionally slaughtered, and 1,657 have succumbed to FMD.

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