Jakarta (ANTARA) - Family and child psychologist Anna Surti Ariani at an online event on Tuesday shared practical tips on providing sex education as early as possible to toddlers and children to prevent the risk of sexual abuse.

"Sexuality education in children must start from an early age, from the age of 0–2 years. We as parents must properly teach about a child's body parts by (using) their real names and not use figurative terms," Ariani from the University of Indonesia's Institute of Applied Psychology (LPTUI) said.

By using the real names of body parts, children can easily tell their parents if something unwelcome happens, she explained.

When children are above two years old, parents can teach them to appreciate their own bodies such as getting them used to changing clothes in closed spaces, she said.

"This often happens in vacation spots, for example, on the beach, you want to play (in the sea). The child is told to undress in a public place so they are seen by everyone. This can make the child not used to appreciate their body," Ariani said.

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According to her, children must also be taught about the difference between good and bad touch. Teach children that only parents or their caregivers should hold or touch them, she emphasized. This could even be restricted to only when the caregiver is serving the child, she added.

"Teach children to be brave in telling their parents about uncomfortable things. Parents must get used to receiving their children's reports and make them comfortable for their children," she said.

Furthermore, parents can use the role-playing method so that children can make decisions when faced with an inappropriate situation.

For instance, during role-play, a stranger in a public place can hold the child's body, and the child must be taught to report this to the parents or immediately seek help from others.

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