Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia will highlight optimizing water management to increase food production at the 10th Bali World Water Forum (WWF) 2024 to address the food crisis threat, Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Minister Basuki Hadimuljono stated.

“As it was stated by the President (Joko Widodo), we are facing two crises, energy and food. Regarding food, there must be availability of food, and for that the availability of water is needed," PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono stated at the "National Stakeholders Forum: First Announcement on the 10th World Water Forum" here, Friday.

For the production of food, especially rice, five components -- fertilizers, seeds, soil, farmers, and water -- are crucial, according to the minister.

Water contributes 18 percent to the production chain.

“This water is only 18 percent for food production, but if the 18 percent is not available, then everything will become zero. Hence, I think it is important, very central, for water in food production to ensure food availability," the minister stated.

In addition to food, Indonesia will have in place a water management agenda to mitigate natural disasters and the impact of climate crisis at the 2024 WWF.

"The message from the president is that we should imbibe all knowledge about water. This is the biggest festival in water management. Hence, we derive as many benefits as possible regarding the management of water resources," he remarked.

Some 100 thousand delegates from 172 countries are expected to participate in the 2024 WWF.

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The government is optimistic that the event would help increase the growth of tourism and MSMEs in Bali and its surroundings.

"This can have a big economic impact on tourism," the minister stated.

Indonesia was selected as the host of the 2024 World Water Forum at the 9th WWF in Dakar, Senegal, on March 19, 2022, where Indonesia received 30 votes out of a total of 36 votes from the World Water Council Board of Governors.

WWF 2024 is planned to take place in Bali on June 3-9, 2024, for a week.

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