Maintain your health. Do not forget to wear masks anywhere because COVID-19 still exists
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) called on Indonesian children to maintain their health amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by wearing masks.

"Maintain your health. Do not forget to wear masks anywhere because COVID-19 still exists," Jokowi stated at the event to commemorate National Children's Day at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, West Java, on Saturday.

Apart from maintaining their health, the president also urged Indonesian children to continue to learn and persevere with their religion.

"Everyone, keep learning and learning more. You must also continue praying and performing your daily salah," he remarked.

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The president said he was glad to notice children, who are happy and enjoying their day. He said every child has unique creative skills.

Jokowi also urged parents to support their children in honing their creative skills and not pile on their expectations and demands on their children.

"Do not compel children to follow parents' expectations, as they are children, and their world is the children's world," the president stated.

On the occasion of National Children's Day, Jokowi stressed that children must be protected and their rights must be met.

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"We just need to ensure that Indonesian children remain protected and their rights are met," the president posted on his Instagram account @jokowi on Saturday.

Every child has his or her own future ideals and dreams, according to Jokowi.

Everyone must also help ensure that children are happy, grow as free-spirited human beings, and become part of the national progress, he stated.

This year's National Children's Day is organized under the "Child Protected, Indonesia Advanced" theme as an expression of hope that after the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical and mental health of Indonesian children will be protected and their rights fulfilled.

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