Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Marine and Fishery continues to expand the Love to Eat Fish Movement (Gemarikan) to improve human resources and residents' quality of life in border regions.

"We welcome and support the Gemarikan programme in border regions, such as Sambas District," West Kalimantan Marine and Fishery Office's Brackish Water and Sea Aquaculture Unit Head Erviyanto stated on Tuesday.

The Marine and Fishery Office's programme goal is to enhance the fish consumption rate to increase fishermen's income and fish cultivation, as well as improve human resources' quality, Erviyanto said.

Erviyanto said that eating fish can reduce the prevalence of stunting growth caused by chronic nutritional deficiency in the first thousand days of life that negatively affect the child's cognitive and motor abilities.

"The presence of Gemarikan movement can rev up the improvement of human resources and reduce the prevalence of stunted growth," the official noted.

Consumption of fish-based animal nutrition is essential to maintain personal health and immunity, particularly in West Kalimantan, which recorded a per capita fish consumption rate of 46.621 kilograms in 2020, way below the national average of 54.55 kilograms per capita, Erviyanto explained.

"Hence, the strategy to increase fish consumption in West Kalimantan, such as by the promotion of the Gemarikan movement, is necessary," the office unit head expounded.

Consuming fish as a protein source is one method to increase the body's immunity against various diseases, he said, adding that fish, which contains omega 3, is highly relevant to support stunting prevention measures.

Moreover, as the national marine and fisheries sectors have vast potential to benefit the regional and national economy, all stakeholders must synergise to promote fish consumption to realise healthy and prosperous people, he affirmed.

"Let us make fish a protein source to achieve advanced Indonesian human resources towards an advanced Indonesia and Golden Indonesia 2045," Erviyanto emphasized.

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