Mentok, Bangka Belitung (ANTARA) - The Pancasila Ideology Education Agency (BPIP) has lauded the planned return of Pancasila education to the school curriculum as a mandatory course.

"The plan is that from July 2022, the Pancasila course will be mandatory at all school levels up to the university level. We need to commend this because we must nurture the values of Pancasila and implement them in our daily lives," BPIP Chairperson Yudian Wahyudi said here Tuesday.

The designation of Pancasila as a mandatory course is a part of the government's commitment to instilling the values of the national ideology in Indonesian youth, he added.

The BPIP chairperson made the statement during a Pancasila salute dissemination program at the Indonesian Tin Museum in Mentok, West Bangka District, Bangka Belitung.

Speaking at the event, he highlighted the importance of the Pancasila salute as a medium for uniting the nation, saying the greeting belongs to all Indonesians who live peacefully and safely in the Pancasila country.

“The Pancasila salute is the national salute; it is not intended to replace religious greetings, but the salute is to respect all Indonesians, regardless of religion and culture, according to the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity) spirit," Wahyudi remarked.

The Pancasila salute has been adapted from Soekarno's independence salute, which he frequently used to greet Indonesian compatriots after independence, he informed.

"The independence salute used to remind us that we are a free nation that refuses to be subjugated again. The Pancasila salute then was introduced by BPIP's Steering Committee head Megawati Soekarnoputri on August 12, 2017," the BPIP chairperson said.

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s event, Wahyudi invited participants to perform the Pancasila salute by raising their right hand over their shoulder up to the forehead, with the palm facing forward and fingers closed. The salute was accompanied by the Salam Pancasila (salute to Pancasila) greeting.

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