Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Manpower Ministry is seeking to improve the quality of human resources in the area where Nusantara, the new Indonesian capital, is being developed so that they can contribute to its development.

"Everyone supports the development of this Nusantara capital city by reliable human resources. So, not only Samarinda that we prepared, but we have prepared five major centers to support the improvement of human resources in this national capital city," Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Thursday.

During the opening of the second batch of the Competency-Based Training program in Penajam North Paser district, East Kalimantan, Fauziyah urged locals residing around Nusantara to actively contribute to its development.

She highlighted the importance of the government's commitment to ensuring that local residents become the main players in the development of the new capital city.

“(The government is working) To ensure that the people around the Nusantara capital city (do) not (only act as) spectators, but become the main actors in the development of the national capital of the archipelago," she remarked.

In order for citizens to participate in the development of the capital, great competence or qualifications are needed so that Nusantara becomes a smart capital city with competitive values, thereby serving as a symbol of national pride, she explained.

The Manpower Ministry is supporting the preparation of a competent workforce through the Samarinda Vocational and Productivity Training Center.

The ministry has involved five vocational and productivity training centers in Indonesia in efforts to prepare a competent workforce.

The ministry will also use other means to meet the target of producing a qualified workforce for the new city, including the preparation of SIAPkerja, a platform for posting and seeking jobs, and the implementation of an area-based job opportunity expansion program.

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