The state-owned enterprises ministry and state companies are committed to not tolerating perpetrators of sexual violence
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of State-owned Enterprises Erick Thohir emphasized that a zero-tolerance approach will be applied to perpetrators of sexual harassment within the ecosystem of state-owned enterprises.

"The state-owned enterprises ministry and state companies are committed to not tolerating perpetrators of sexual violence," Thohir stated here, Friday.

The minister then condemned the recent act of sexual harassment committed by a cleaning service staff against a railway passenger at Ciamis Station, West Java.

Thohir highlighted that last April, the ministry had issued a circular instructing mutual respect to be ensured in state companies as a concrete measure to provide a work environment free from discrimination, restriction, harassment, bullying, and any other forms of violence to uphold the dignity of every individual and bolster employees' productivity.

State-owned companies are expected to develop a healthy work environment, he affirmed while adding that the healthy environment must be extended to areas of public services.

He lauded state railway company PT Kereta Api Indonesia's decision to promptly sack the cleaning service staff, employed by company subsidiary PT KAI Services, after being proven to have committed sexual harassment.

He also instructed the railway company to include the personal identification number of the perpetrator of sexual harassment into the company's blacklist that will restrict the sacked staff from using railway services in future.

The firm action against the perpetrator reflected the commitment of state-owned companies to ensuring a work and service environment that is free of sexual harassment.

Thohir also lauded the courageous passenger, who reported the cleaning service staff's despicable act and encouraged other passengers experiencing or witnessing similar incidents to report to the authority.

"Thank you for your courageous act that is inspiring a lot of people. I have also instructed PT KAI to provide assistance to the victim," the minister remarked.

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