Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Religion Zainut Tauhid Sa'adi stated that whistling of sexual nature that triggers a sense of discomfort and is demeaning or harassing in nature could be reported to the police.

"Whistles referred to in this regulation are whistles of sexual nature, including whistles that are disrespectful and also degrading or harassing that make the person being targeted uncomfortable," he stated when confirmed here on Thursday.

This aspect referred to by Zainut is contained in Regulation of the Religion Minister (PMA) Number 73 of 2022 on the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence in Education Units at the Religion Ministry.

The forms of sexual violence regulated in these regulations include verbal, non-physical, and physical violence, as well as violence in information and communication technology.

He said victims, distressed as a result of being harassed, could lodge a complaint with the police. The report on the offense can only be processed if it is reported by a person, who feels aggrieved or has become a victim.

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He said that Article 18 of the PMA regulates sanctions. Paragraph (1) of the regulation states that perpetrators proven to have committed sexual violence based on court decisions that have legal force will still be subject to criminal and administrative sanctions.

Paragraph (2) stipulates that criminal sanctions as referred to in paragraph (1) are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

"Hence, the basis of the implementation of criminal sanctions is court decisions and legal mechanisms apply as regulated by law," he remarked.

In this case, the regulation referred to in Law Number 12 of 2022 is regarding the Criminal Act of Sexual Violence and or the Criminal Law (KUHP).

The Religion Ministry has issued a Minister of Religion Regulation (PMA) that regulates the Handling and Prevention of Sexual Violence in Education Units under its authority.

PMA No. 73 of 2022 was signed by Religion Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas on October 5, 2022, and began to be promulgated the day after.

The education unit in question includes formal, non-formal, and informal education channels and includes madrasas, Islamic boarding schools, and religious education units.

This rule contains several chapters covering general provisions, such as forms of sexual violence, prevention, handling, reporting, monitoring, evaluation, sanctions, and closing provisions. There are 20 articles in total.

The regulation regulates forms of sexual violence, including acts that are conducted verbally, non-physically, physically, and/or through information and communication technology. There are at least 16 classifications of forms of sexual violence, including conveying speech that discriminates against or insults the physical appearance, body condition, or gender identity of the victim.

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