We must continue to work hand in hand to pursue these targets
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's 77th Independence Day on August 17 presents an opportunity to showcase mutual cooperation, both domestically and internationally, in pursuing the realization of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), National Development Planning Minister Suharso Monoarfa stated.

The minister emphasized that in the decade of action towards SDGs 2030, everyone must continue to work together to meet the targets that had been set.

"We must continue to work hand in hand to pursue these targets," Minister Monoarfa remarked at the Indonesia SDG's Action Award 2022, accessed here on Friday.

Although efforts to achieve the SDGs targets had been impeded by the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic had actually reinforced the solidarity and concern of the Indonesian people towards social, economic, environmental, and governance issues.

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"The pandemic has (forced) us to focus on achieving our targets, so that no one is left behind and that we can recover faster and rise stronger," Monoarfa added.

SDGs had allowed for innovation in various sectors that are not only economic-oriented but also take on values, such as social, environmental, and good governance, into consideration, he remarked.

They also provided stimulus to various parties to work in an integrated, inclusive, and partnered manner in addition to being sensitive to all types of conditions, thereby ensuring that no party is left behind.

He said the collaboration of all policy makers was vital in the development of a sustainable ecosystem that was more transparent and accountable as well as prioritized human rights.

"We have to be optimistic that the collaboration of all stakeholders is the key to resolving all the challenges that we are facing and will face from time to time," the minister affirmed.

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In an effort to achieve the SDGs target, the ministry organized the Indonesia SDG's Action Award 2022 as a forum for competition as well as a form of appreciation for stakeholders, who support efforts to achieve the goals. The minister expects that the event would encourage the efforts to achieve the various targets of the 2030 SDGs.

"Hopefully, the first award for the SDGs' real action that was started this year will (serve as motivation) to collectively implement the SDGs," the minister remarked.

Indonesia's SDGs aim to maintain a sustainable increase in the economic welfare of the community, sustainability of the public's social life, environmental quality and inclusive development, as well as applying governance capable of ensuring the improvement of the quality of life from one generation to the next.

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