Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology's Language Development and Fostering Agency launched the fifth edition of the Indonesian language spelling system guidelines.

"This is the Language Agency's commitment to providing quality language and literature services consistent with the residents' demand and the current development," agency head, E Aminudin Aziz, noted in his written statement here, Friday.

The spelling guidelines will be officially known as the Fifth Edition of the Enhanced Spelling of the Indonesian Language (EYD V), reverted to the original name as the fourth version of the guidelines was named the Indonesian Spelling System General Guidelines (PUEBI), he noted.

He said that the latest edition of the spelling system guidelines is evidence of the development of the Indonesian language as a consequence of new emerging scientific and cultural concepts and inter-language interactions due to technological advancements.

"I convey my gratitude to Indonesian language speakers causal to the development of Indonesian language surpassing its mother language, the Malay language," Aziz said.

The agency head noted that changes to the guidelines would also affect the Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language (KBBI), and measures are taken to accommodate the changes.

"The launch of the fifth edition of EYD would indeed affect the KBBI that we update twice a year at the end of April and October. Until now, adjustments to the KBBI will continue until the end of October to ensure changes on the EYD will be accommodated in the system," Aziz expounded.

Linguistic phenomenon due to interactions between language speakers need systematic measures realized through adaptive, responsive, and accommodative language guidelines to ensure language speakers can convey their thoughts and ideas in Indonesian language better, he remarked.

"One of our efforts to dignify the national language is by providing a spelling system to manage how the language is used properly and appropriately. The Indonesian language is the treasure that unites us because by speaking Indonesian, we could communicate with each other with no difficulties," the agency head stated.

The fifth edition of EYD was officiated on the 50th anniversary of the first edition of EYD, he said, adding that the current edition is revising more than 50 percent of the fourth edition.

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