Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA) - The Aceh Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) and its partners recently released Lhokbe, a Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), into its natural habitat in the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Lhokbe is a male tiger aged around four to five years, Head of the Aceh BKSDA Agus Arianto informed in Banda Aceh on Friday.

"The individual male tiger is named Lhokbe. Before that, it was caught in a cage in the Lhok Bengkuang village area, Tapaktuan, South Aceh District," he said.

Before it was released into Gunung Leuser National Park, Lhokbe was often spotted and engaged in harmful interactions with humans in South Aceh, so it had to be rescued for its own and the residents’ security and safety.

Before being released into its habitat, Lhokbe underwent observation and a full medical examination. It was declared healthy and normal, given its good appetite, no physical defects, and a good response to the environment.

According to Arianto, its release into the national park was carried out after a survey and feasibility study, such as a review of food sources and natural conditions.

"During the release process, Lhokbe looked excited, walking through the Gunung Leuser National Park area. We hope that the tiger will adapt quickly and multiply to increase its population in nature," he said.

Based on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources’ (IUCN’s) list of threatened species, the Sumatran tiger is critically endangered and at high risk of extinction.

Therefore, Aceh BKSDA appealed to the community to help conserve Sumatran tigers by not destroying forests, which are their habitats.

"We would like to thank all parties who supported the rescue and release of the tiger. This is an effort to conserve protected animals in Aceh province," Arianto said.

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Translator: M Agus, Kenzu T
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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