Yes, we need to be vigilant and careful, but we must not become pessimistic
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) urged national entrepreneurs to capitalize on new emerging opportunities and not harbor pessimism despite the currently bleak global economic conditions.

"Yes, we need to be vigilant and careful, but we must not become pessimistic. We must remain optimistic because there will be opportunities in every challenge," the president stated during the nationwide provincial Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) leaders' meeting here, Tuesday.

While reminding entrepreneurs as individuals capable of seizing opportunities in any conditions, Jokowi also suggested them to seek new opportunities in the food industry.

"As there is a food crisis, the opportunity is in the food sector, and foods right now are very saleable. Recently, China requested 2.5 million tons of rice, while Saudi requested 100 thousand tons. At present, we first hold their request, but when the production is soaring due to your participation in the sector, we can perhaps continue with a very good price," he elaborated.

The president highlighted that Indonesia has successfully maintained food resilience at a time when more countries only started securing their food stocks by restricting exports.

"Everyone is securing their own country as it should. Hence, we need to be thankful because two weeks ago, we received a certificate from the International Rice Research Institute applauding our food resilience and self-sufficiency that we have started since 2019," Jokowi remarked.

Meanwhile, the president encouraged KADIN entrepreneurs to reap opportunities from sorghum by developing plantations in East Nusa Tenggara, which had proven to be fertile for cultivating the commodity.

Apart from sorghum, Jokowi also highlighted corn as another commodity holding potential that entrepreneurs can make the most of on account of its high demand for domestic and export purposes.

He then urged the KADIN to avoid working by applying traditional methods and instead innovate through mechanization and collaboration with relevant parties.

"(Create) a consortium and work together to develop 100 hectares of land with modern technologies, such as using drones to fertilise the soil. That is the KADIN I expect," the president remarked.

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