HIMSS APAC Health Conference in Bali emphasizes health digitalization

HIMSS APAC Health Conference in Bali emphasizes health digitalization

The HIMSS22 conference in Europe.

Indonesia will become the host for a health conference held by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) on September 27-28, 2022.

This conference will be attended by policy makers, practitioners, and experts in the field of medical service across the Asia-Pacific region. HIMSS is a global non-profit organization in the field of digital health transformation.

The event held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center will discuss the health digital service transformation acceleration strategy in the largest economy in Southeast Asia and its surrounding regions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The HIMSS22 APAC Health Conference & Exhibition event will feature a series of educational programs that encompass three categories: treatment, data, and connectivity.

The programs will be led by experts, who bring the spirit of future change in the Asia-Pacific's health service ecosystem.

Through his recent statement, Vice President and Executive Director at HIMSS for Asia-Pacific region Simon Lin expressed keenness over continuing cooperation with stakeholders in Indonesia toward achieving a bigger goal.

This goal concerns digitalizing the national health system to improve service, quality, treatment security, and health equity, he explained.

Major technology companies and investors have made significant investments in Indonesia's digital technology sector, he remarked.

With this development, the national health system becomes more ready in handling digital transformation that will better support health service that results in better patient health, he noted.

HIMSS, with members reaching almost 10 thousand in the Asia-Pacific region, decided to hold the conference this year in Bali after several considerations.

One of them is related to how the Indonesian government cooperates with various start-ups to promote telehealth.

This will offer insights to countries still seeking a way to promote telehealth and reduce the burden in their health system.

Moreover, HIMSS can facilitate the exchange of knowledge between foreign and local delegations, and the two parties can learn from one another on several matters.

Several primary leaders in Indonesia's health service sector will be involved in this year's HIMSS22 APAC Health Conference & Exhibition as the steering committee.

"Hospitals leaders and professionals in the fields of information technology and digitalization should come to Bali and learn from one another and build a stronger national health service industry together," the steering committee chairperson Fathema Djan Rachmat noted.

This conference will feature experts and professionals in the field of digital health from Indonesia, Singapore, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Britain, the United States, as well as other countries in various work meetings and workshops.

Topics to be discussed at the conference include cybersecurity and data privacy, utilization of cloud computing in digital health transformation, health information exchange, nursing informatics, and digital transformation case study in the Asia-Pacific.

Indonesia's efforts 

Moreover, the conference aims to showcase Indonesia's commitment in digital transformation that is proven by the partnership between HIMSS and various health services to expedite digital transformation in Indonesia, including the Health Ministry.

Indonesia is revolutionizing its health service digitally, specifically in realizing the 2024 Health Digital Transformation Strategy blueprint.

HIMSS works with the Health Ministry and various health service providers to expedite digital transformation in Indonesia.

"Indonesia's Health Ministry has conducted several collaborations to create the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) standard," Indonesian Health Ministry's Digital Transformation Office Chief, Setiaji, stated.

Setiaji was referring to HIMSS' term used to describe hospital's digital maturity, with Level 7 being the highest.

"We expect that in 2024, two percent of hospitals in Indonesia can reach the highest level," he remarked.

In July, the Health Ministry had also unveiled the health treatment data integration platform named SATUSEHAT and aims to integrate around eight thousand health facilities in Indonesia into the platform by the end of 2022.

The government has also prepared six pillars of health transformation.

These pillars comprise transformation of health technology, transformation of primary services, transformation of referral services, transformation of health resilience systems, transformation of health financing systems, and transformation of health human resources.

The government's actions are very accurate amid the rapid technological transformation in various fields.

In addition to sectors, such as mobility, logistics, trade and marketplace, and education, the health sector should have adequate technological support for quicker, more accurate, and optimal handling.

The health sector should adopt and continue to be involved in digital technology development due to changing lifestyle patterns, especially owing to the pandemic, wherein technology offers several conveniences and makes things more efficient.

The significant growth of telemedicine service within the last few years has proven that the method to meet people's demand for health service has changed. 

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