We wanted the community to (also) feel the echo of the G20 implementation.
Belitung, Bangka Belitung (ANTARA) - The government of Bangka Belitung Islands province involved 200 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the G20 Development Ministerial Meeting (DMM) to help them expand their market and enliven the meeting.

"We facilitated 200 MSMEs in four different locations to showcase various products. We expected that the activity would encourage them to advance," Secretary of the Bangka Belitung Islands Provincial Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Office Riza Aryani said here on Friday.

The meeting—which was held in Belitung district, Bangka Belitung Islands, from September 7–9, 2022, and was attended by representatives from 22 countries—was a good opportunity to promote local MSME products, she added.

The DMM, organized under G20 Indonesia’s Sherpa Track as a continuation of the Development Working Group (DWG), aimed to discuss development issues in developing and underdeveloped countries.

During the meeting, the 200 MSME actors exhibited their products at four locations: Sheraton Belitung Resort, the BW Suite Belitung Hotel, Tanjung Kelayang Beach, as well as the Belitung MSME Gallery.

Aryani informed that only selected MSMEs verified by the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) exhibited their products at the Sheraton Belitung Resort, which was the main exhibition location, since their products had to meet certain standards set by the agency.

Meanwhile, at the other three exhibition locations, other MSME players were involved to enliven the event so that the public could also share in the enthusiasm surrounding the implementation of the G20 event by visiting the exhibition and purchasing local products.

"At the MSME Gallery, we showcased various kinds of culinary delights, thus people could enjoy them. We wanted the community to (also) feel the echo of the G20 implementation," Aryani said.

At Tanjung Kelayang Beach and BW Suite Belitung Hotel, the MSME products on display included batik (traditional Indonesian clothes), cual (traditional woven clothes from Bangka Belitung Islands), accessories, handicrafts, frozen meals, dried food, as well as G20 souvenir T-shirts.

"Hopefully, through the (implementation of the) G20 event in Belitung, our MSME players will be more creative and continue to improve the quality of their products so that they can compete with foreign products," the office secretary added.

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