Pancasila is the basic value of the Constitution, which serves as the supreme source of laws
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The state ideology Pancasila, as the philosophy of the nation and the source of all laws, must serve as the basis for the enactment of legal products in Indonesia.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD made the remarks while delivering the keynote speech on the second day of a virtual international conference themed “Freedom of Religion, Legal Supremacy, and Cross-Cultural Religious Liberation.”

"Pancasila is the basic value of the Constitution, which serves as the supreme source of laws, which later determine the substance of lower legal products and serve as the validity measurement of norms in the legal products. This means that Pancasila gives birth to laws," he said, according to a press statement released in Jakarta on Thursday.

He outlined four principles for enacting laws based on Pancasila. First, the laws must guarantee national integration, both ideological integration as well as territorial integration.

The laws must neither disintegrate the nation nor bring the nation to an ideology other than Pancasila, he said.

Second, the laws must safeguard democracy and nomocracy. Democracy means that laws must reflect the people's aspirations and sovereignty, while nomocracy means that laws must uphold truth or give birth to legal sovereignty, the minister explained.

"Democracy aims to achieve triumph and nomocracy aims to achieve truth. The meeting of efforts to find triumph and truth is the Pancasila state," he said.

Third, laws must encourage the creation of social justice by narrowing the gap in the community, which is reflected by the Gini ratio, among other things. Indonesia’s Gini Index reflects disparities in the Indonesian population's spending.

Fourth, laws must not merely be based on a certain religion.

"For instance, Muslims receive legal protection to do fasting freely. But the law must not force somebody to do fasting since religious service is in the private domain," he said.

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Translator: Tri Meilani A, Suharto
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