Mangrove planting continues to be conducted not only by the provincial government but also by the community and organizations
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta provincial government has bolstered mangrove planting activities by involving the community and organizations to control the threat of coastal flooding in Jakarta and the Seribu Islands.

"Mangrove planting continues to be conducted not only by the provincial government but also by the community and organizations," Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria remarked at the Jakarta City Hall, here on Friday.

In 2021, the Jakarta administration had allocated seeds to plant 70 thousand mangrove trees, and by June 2022, the realization of mangrove planting reached 38 thousand trees, or 54.28 percent of the target.

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Patria explained that coastal floods occurred in Jakarta due to several factors, including dynamic weather conditions and climate change. In addition, land subsidence, especially in North Jakarta, also contributed to the occurrence of coastal floods.

Meanwhile, he said, the provincial government has budgeted Rp4 trillion for flood control in Jakarta through the Jakarta Natural Resources Office.

"We will address all issues (of coastal flooding) gradually. It takes a lot of time and money," he remarked.

However, Patria said his side had always striven for the best for Jakarta's citizens.

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According to data from the Jakarta Regional Development Plan (RPD) for the 2023-2026 period, climate change contributes to a rise in sea levels.

Meanwhile, during the 1925-2015 period, land subsidence of up to four meters occurred on Jakarta's coasts.

Land subsidence and rising sea levels had threatened to sink Seribu Islands and Jakarta's coastal areas. According to RPD, Jakarta is geographically located on a sloping coastal area, with 40 percent of the land area being below sea level.

Hence, planting mangrove trees is perceived as one of the solutions to resist potential abrasion, as it reduces the rate of sea waves being produced.

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