Thus, we along with the Kadin will conduct market sounding, which will be led directly by the President (Joko Widodo).
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Capital (IKN) Authority is striving to develop Indonesia’s future IKN, called Nusantara, as a liveable and loveable city by drafting the necessary government regulations, establishing an IKN Authority-owned company, and promoting investment.

"There are three attempts which we have prepared to build the IKN to not only become liveable, but also loveable. We expect that in 2024, a comprehensive (urban) ecosystem can be established to make the city liveable," head of the IKN Authority, Bambang Susantono, remarked at the Presidential Office here on Tuesday.

The first effort is finalizing the draft of a government regulation on incentives for prospective business actors who want to develop their businesses in the IKN.

"Thus, there are several incentives, both fiscal and non-fiscal, which we have designed along with the Investment Ministry and the BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board) as well as with an inter-department team from the Finance (Ministry), Bappenas (National Development Planning Agency/National Development Planning Ministry), and other ministries to draw investors to invest their capital and run their business in IKN Nusantara," the IKN Authority head said.

The investment must benefit all parties, including the government, the residents of the IKN, as well as the business players, he added.

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Meanwhile, the second effort is preparing to establish a business entity owned by the IKN Authority.

"While promoting investment opportunities (in IKN) along with Kadin (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), we got a lot of suggestions, one of which was that IKN Authority’s agility (in optimizing the investment) could be realized if we had a business entity to handle the business (investment) sector," Susantono said.

Hence, business affairs within the IKN will be managed by the business entity owned by the IKN Authority. The business entity will also collaborate, make agreements, as well as conduct financial engineering with investors and business actors.

"It is expected that it will create a very good and sustainable business climate. Thus, we will pay close attention to the sustainability of the investment in the future," the official said.

The third effort is disseminating information on investment opportunities in IKN. The promotion of the opportunities is being conducted with Kadin.

"Thus, we along with the Kadin will conduct market sounding, which will be led directly by the President (Joko Widodo)," the official informed.

The market sounding is planned to be carried out in mid-October 2022 by inviting potential investors to a dialogue forum.

All these efforts are aimed at making the IKN a green, smart, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable city, the IKN Authority head added.

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