Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - The proposal of a cultural endowment fund to the central government aims to strengthen the advancement of local culture, Lampung Deputy Governor Chusnunia Chalim stated here on Saturday.

"The central government has provided the 2023 cultural endowment fund that is proposed to be Rp5 trillion, from the earlier Rp2 trillion," Chalim remarked.

To promote and preserve Lampung's cultural arts, the regional government also proposed for a cultural endowment fund.

"The local government will also convey to the regional legislative council (DPRD) to have an endowment fund for Lampung cultural arts because this is very beneficial for the advancement of regional cultural arts," the deputy governor affirmed.

In addition to the proposed allocation of the cultural endowment fund, she said the private sector can facilitate cultural advancement by carrying out corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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"The private sector can participate (in promoting local culture) through CSR, so that artists and cultural players can grow," she added.

Chalim noted that since 2019, local artists had organized to form arts centers in Lampung, such as the Lampung Academy, the Lampung Arts Council, and the Lampung Arts Foundation.

"The district and city governments also need to commit to supporting the affirmation of budget policies, so that artists can create optimally as well, and the Lampung Arts Council will be the catalyst," Chalim remarked.

Furthermore, she explained that the Lampung Academy and the Lampung Arts Council are still in the process of establishing the Lampung Arts Foundation.

"The Lampung Academy is in charge of providing cultural considerations to the Lampung Provincial Government, giving arts-related advice to the Lampung Arts Council, and being directly involved in planning and implementing policies in the field of culture, apart from implementing its own programs," she expounded.

Meanwhile, the Lampung Arts Council is aimed at encouraging the potential of local arts.

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