Although our difficulty level is the highest, we can manage it well, so other countries should be better
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned postal company PT Pos Indonesia is used as a reference for postal companies in the Asia-Pacific region in managing a similar business in their countries.

The company's director of courier and logistic business, Siti Choiriana, said her company became a reference for Asia-Pacific postal companies, as Indonesia has a large population spread across several islands in the country.

"Although our difficulty level is the highest, we can manage it well, so other countries should be better," Choiriana noted in a statement here, Wednesday.

At the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU) forum held in Bangkok, Thailand, at the start of last September, all countries were obliged to provide postal services properly in accordance with the Postal Union International rules. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country participating in the forum.

According to Choiriana, postal services are measured internationally, especially for short-delivery express packages. It has become a discussion at the forum regarding the certainty and management to ensure all services run well.

"The discussion also talked about the platform, the IT system used, the standard operating procedure (SOP), the postal competition, and others," Choiriana added.

Pos Indonesia claims to have become a courier and logistics service solution by reaching more than one million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and 4,700 corporations by controlling 7.1 percent of the national market share until the end of July 2022.

In addition to providing delivery services to 228 countries, the company provides delivery to underdeveloped, frontier, and outermost (3T) areas.

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Currently, Pos Indonesia has over 10 thousand fleets, more than 50 thousand postal agents, 27,600 drop points, some 10 thousand couriers, 4,800 post offices, 151 warehouses, and 510 financial service billers to support the company's business.

Choiriana pointed out that Indonesia has the toughest level of competition in comparison with other countries, as there are currently over 700 courier companies in Indonesia with various names.

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She observed that if the industry was too crowded, it would be difficult for domestic entrepreneurs engaged in the business to compete with foreign entrepreneurs. Moreover, shipping company, such as J&T, which is still the largest in Indonesia, has joined e-commerce platforms -- Alibaba and Shopee -- to strengthen their business.

"If small postal companies have to compete with big names, they would have lost. In the end, they played by small numbers," she remarked.

She later emphasized that the business run by Pos Indonesia has advantages over private shipping companies in Indonesia, especially shipping service to the 3T area.

Currently, Pos Indonesia continues to improve services and added value to provide comfort for consumers using the services, she said.

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