Blitar, E Java (ANTARA) - The National Food Agency (NFA) has intensified its campaign to promote the consumption of chicken eggs at least once every day as part of an effort to fulfill the nutritional needs of children and prevent stunting.

"We commemorate World Egg Day with laying hen farmers in Blitar because this area accounts for 30 percent of egg production in Indonesia, so this is the right place to hold the campaign," NFA Head Arief Prasetyo Hadi, informed here on Thursday.

He said eggs are one of the protein sources that are affordable and easy to cook. Consuming an egg once a day can fulfill the protein needs of the body, thus helping to prevent stunting in children, he added.

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According to Blitar District Head Rini Syarifah, there are many other commodities in Blitar that are also important for supporting national resilience, such as chili, rice, corn, granulated sugar, chicken meat, beef, milk, and vegetables.

The Blitar district government has been supporting the National Food Agency's movement, the B2SA, which means "various, nutritious, balanced, and safe meal,” and the zero waste of food initiative.

"We support the program, we educate the community to the bottom level," Syarifah said.

The campaign was also attended by Blitar students. Five tons of raw chicken eggs and two thousand cooked chicken eggs were distributed to all participants. An eating chicken egg together activity was also carried out.

Meanwhile, according to the Health Ministry's website, in addition to providing nutrients to pregnant women, eggs are also good for maintaining fetal health as they contain choline, which is important for supporting the growth and development of the fetal brain.

However, it is recommended that pregnant women not consume more than two eggs per day. Boiled eggs are more advisable for them.

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Translator: Asmaul C, Kenzu
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