Puskesmas can be accessed for free, and the services are complete
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Health centers (Puskesmas) in Jakarta are offering a free examination of acute kidney failure to help curb cases in children.

"Puskesmas can be accessed for free, and the services are complete," Jakarta Health Office's Head of the Epidemiological Surveillance and Immunization Ngabila Salama remarked here on Tuesday.

Salama also reported that the number of cases of mysterious acute kidney failure in children increased, from 42 to 49 cases in Jakarta.

However, she confirmed no increase in the number of cases of fatality as of October 18.

"There was no increase (in the number) of deaths of toddlers or children, whether it was due to general diagnosis or acute kidney failure," she stated.

Based on the Jakarta Health Office's data, between January and October 18, 2022, some 49 reports were received of mysterious acute kidney failure cases, most of which affect children under the age of six. Salama detailed that 75 percent of the cases, or 36 patients, were toddlers, and 25 percent, or 13 patients, were non-toddlers.

Of the 49 cases, 25 people had died, 12 are in treatment, and 12 have recovered.

Meanwhile, Jakarta has 44 sub-district-level health centers and 301 local-level health centers.

Salama also appealed to the public to visit a doctor if children under the age of six showed no improvement after two to three days of fever, cough, runny nose, indigestion, vomiting, and nausea.

"If the condition has not improved in two to three days, we recommend a blood test," she remarked.

Parents need to be aware of symptoms of acute kidney disorders, such as decreased frequency of urination and abnormally colored urine.

"The point is that parents should not hesitate when there is no improvement and should take children to the health center. (There,) the initial examination is very complete, such as (test for) COVID-19, dengue fever, and typhus fever," she explained.

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