Children with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea with fever or cold and cough must be immediately taken to a hospital or doctor
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The key to preventing mysterious acute kidney failure in children is early detection and consultation with a doctor if symptoms such as vomiting and fever appear, an official from the Jakarta Provincial Health Service has informed.

"Children with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea with fever or cold and cough must be immediately taken to a hospital or doctor. Later, the doctor will take a blood test if there is no improvement," the head of surveillance, epidemiology, and immunization at the Jakarta Provincial Health Office, Dr. Ngabila Salama, said here on Tuesday.

The number of cases of acute kidney failure in Indonesia experienced a significant increase in August 2022, she noted.

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Based on data accumulation from the January–October 2022 period, at least 49 cases of acute kidney failure have been recorded in Jakarta, with the most frequent initial symptoms involving the digestive system.

"From the 49 cases found in Jakarta, about 40 percent of the initial symptoms were from the digestive system, meaning stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. However, many also complained of cough, runny nose, and fever," Salama informed.

Other early symptoms of kidney disorders include reduced urination frequency, more concentrated urine with reduced frequency, or no urination at all.

Kidney failure is caused by impaired kidney function, which leads to toxins not being filtered out properly, she informed adding, toxins should be excreted through urine.

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When toxins are not disposed of properly, they start to accumulate in the blood and can prove dangerous if they enter other organs such as the brain and lungs.

"If it has reached a certain stage where the poison cannot be excreted by the body and the levels of poison in the blood are already high, it requires hemodialysis. If it is chronic, the patient must undergo routine dialysis because the damage is permanent. If the poison has spread to the body, it can enter the brain and cause decreased consciousness, which can lead to death," Salama said.

Parents must keep first-aid medicines at home if their child has a fever, namely fever-reducing medicines, and administer the appropriate dose, she added. If the fever does not improve for two to three days, parents should immediately get their child's blood or urine checked at a primary health service (puskesmas).

"Our puskesmas are able to check kidney function, including urine check for chronic kidney failure. Puskesmas are also capable of examining liver function through the examination of blood and urine," she added.

Salama further said that the Ministry of Health will continue to coordinate by creating a flow of management and diagnosis, if cases such as acute kidney failure are found.

The Provincial Health Service will also help monitor the results of the investigation from the puskesmas and from health workers in the field since the exact cause of acute kidney failure is still unknown.

"The laboratory results have not been able to determine the cause. Some allegations conveyed that pure viral infections, pure bacteria, viruses and bacteria, bacteria and fungi, common or seasonal flu infections, and long COVID-19 effect could trigger the disease," she disclosed.

She urged the community to maintain their immunity by consuming healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables; reducing sugar, salt, and fat intake; exercising by taking six thousand steps a day; and getting enough rest.

"Please remember to conduct regular health checks and avoid cigarettes. Children are also suggested to drink milk and eat lots of protein for growth and also prevent stunting. Do not forget to manage stress, wear masks, wash hands diligently, and take care of environmental health," she added.

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