Bandung, West Java (ANTARA) - The Hasan Sadikin Hospital of Bandung has treated 12 children with acute kidney disorders since August 2022 when the disease started to be detected in the country, according to the hospital's consultant.

Most of the patients were under the age of six years, while the oldest was 13 years of age, Prof. Dany Hilmanto, the hospital's consultant for child nephrology, stated here on Wednesday.

"As of today, the total has been 12 children, and now, three people are being treated, including one in the ICU, and another has improved, and God willing, he can go home," he remarked.

While treating children, the hospital has always coordinated with the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), so that they could immediately uncover the cause of the mysterious disease.

The hospital has also referred to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health concerning the handling of acute kidney disease in children, he remarked.

The guidelines provide a clear flow of handling with the support of health facilities at the community health center (puskesmas) level.

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Hilmanto reminded the public that if a child has fever, cough, or runny nose for 14 days, then they are recommended to immediately go to hospital and undergo a medical checkup.

"If it is normal, then it is monitored, and if it is not normal, then the patient is taken to a referral hospital. The guidelines have also been clearly stated," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Nephrology Division staff Dr Ahmedz Widiasta said the 12 patients came from Bandung City, Bandung District, and other areas outside Bandung.

The hospital continues to coordinate with the health offices in various regions to detect the disease early, so that treatment can be conducted as early as possible.

"Hence, many of them are under five years of age, and the symptoms are fever but not too high, vomiting, coughing, and runny nose," Widiasta stated.

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