Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government is preparing four scenarios for moving state apparatus (ASN) to the new capital Nusantara (IKN), State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas informed at the Presidential Palace Complex, here on Wednesday.

"There are four scenarios because services (related to) business can still be in Jakarta, but the policy support function will be there (Nusantara, East Kalimantan)," he said.

As part of the move, two thousand ASNs will be relocated to IKN Nusantara in the first phase, 5,700 in the second, 60 thousand in the third, and 100 thousand in the fourth stage.

The transfer of ASNs to IKN will be carried out in 2024 after considering the number of selected ASNs and the progress of the support system development in IKN, such as spatial planning, availability of offices, and priorities in government affairs.

Currently, the government is preparing a comprehensive transformation of the IKN, including the work arrangements of the state apparatus. One of the transformations is the trimming of the staffing service system, the minister said.

"The 11 stages (of the staffing system) in the National Civil Service Agency (BKN) were trimmed to 3 stages. Managing promotions, mutations, and retirement will not need a long time. It is necessary to transform the ASN system," he explained.

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Anas further said the government wants state apparatuses to move to IKN with a willing heart, not under force. Therefore, the government is building infrastructure and supporting facilities in the IKN before the transfer of ASN.

"The support of education, health, and the environment is an inseparable part," he added.

The minister pointed out several forms of supporting infrastructures such as schools from kindergarten to college level, as well as public facilities like hospitals, places of worship, and social facilities.

"The air is good, the vehicles have no pollution, and they are all electric. People are going to move there," he remarked.

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