If there are civil servants involved, we will process them (accordingly, and they will be) dishonorably discharged
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Tjahjo Kumolo lauded the police's efforts in pursuing cases of alleged fraud in the 2021 state civil servants' candidate selection process by arresting 30 perpetrators.

Kumolo stated that his administration will impose strict sanctions in the form of work termination on the perpetrators registered as state civil apparatus.

"The ministry expressed its gratitude for the hard work of the Regional Police and the team formed by the Criminal Investigation Unit. If there are civil servants involved, we will process them (accordingly, and they will be) dishonorably discharged," he noted in a statement received here on Monday.

Kumolo stated that the case was opened when his administration received complaints from the public and learnt of the fraud from the State Civil Service Agency's (BKN) findings.

"After public complaints made to the ministry and the findings from the BKN, I came and brought a letter to the Police Headquarters' Criminal Investigation Unit to thoroughly assist with the investigation of the state civil servants' candidate selection process fraud network," he elaborated.

The Anti-Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism Task Force of the National Police found fraud in the 2021 state civil servants candidate selection process in 10 regions in Sulawesi and Lampung.

The police named 30 people as suspects, with as many as 21 being civilians, and nine others, state civil servants. The suspects were arrested by the teams at the Central Sulawesi Police, West Sulawesi Police, South Sulawesi Police, Southeast Sulawesi Police, and Lampung Police.

Head of the Public Information Section of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, Senior Commissioner Gatot Repli Handoko, stated that the perpetrators used remote access applications or remote utilities or root serve as their modus operandi.

In addition, the perpetrators used remote access jo applications, remote access Chrome applications, remote desktops, remote access redmin, and remote access sons VNC, remote access in DW service, remote access Nettalk, and also special devices that were modified by the culprits.

Handoko listed the items they seized as pieces of evidence that comprised 43 computers and laptops, 58 mobile phones, nine flash disks, and a DVR.

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