Jakarta (ANTARA) - Effective since October 2022, the Indonesian passport has a signature column again, the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Directorate General of Immigration stated.

Applicants, who obtain the new printed passport, will no longer need to process the endorsement page at the immigration office, the Ministry’s Director of Immigration Traffic Amran Aris noted here on Thursday.

"People, who will change (renew) their passports, can check their new passports to confirm whether there is a signature column," he expounded.

According to Aris, people, whose passports do not have a signature column, can process the endorsement page that contains the signature column on a walk-in basis at the immigration office.

“This procedure can be completed for one day with no charge,” he remarked.

He added that the same mechanism applies to Indonesian citizens abroad, and they can get the signature endorsement at the Indonesian embassies or consulates.

Earlier, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jakarta noted through its official website that starting October 10, Indonesian citizens can apply for visas to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg using an Indonesian passport, for those having no signature column, with the endorsement page of signature.

This policy aligns with the technical policy issued by the Directorate General of Immigration through the Circular No. IMI.2.UM.01.01-3.3773, dated August 12, 2022.

"Regarding the news that some countries do not accept Indonesian passports, we state that Indonesian passports have been registered and recognized by ICAO (The International Civil Aviation Organization), so they are legal to be used to travel to all countries in the world. Hence, people need not worry," Aris stated.

Earlier in August, an Indonesian passport was rejected by the Germany Embassy when the holder was trying to apply for a visa due to the absence of a signature column on the latest passport design.

As a follow-up to addressing the problem, the Directorate General of Immigration coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Embassy in Jakarta to find a solution that resulted in the signature endorsement page being issued by immigration officers or immigration office heads.

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