Malang, East Java (ANTARA) - The number of those dying in the tragedy that struck Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, East Java, increased by one, thereby bringing the total death count due to the football match incident to 135.

Head of the Public Relations Sub-Section of Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang, Dony Iryan Vebry Prasetyo, remarked that the victim reportedly died on Sunday night at approximately 22:50 local time.

"The patient died at 22:50 local time last night," Prasetyo noted in Malang, Monday.

He remarked that the other death reported due to the Kanjuruhan tragedy was that Farzah Dwi Kurniawan, a resident of Malang City, East Java.

He noted that the patient underwent treatment, with fairly strict supervision, at the Incovit facility used to treat COVID-19 positive patients at the Saiful Anwar Regional General Hospital (RSUD).

"He was treated at the Incovit room in RSUD Saiful Anwar," Prasetyo remarked.

Kurniawan is the 135th person to have died as a result of the tragedy that struck Kanjuruhan Stadium on October 1, 2022. Earlier, two other patients also died after undergoing treatment at the Saiful Anwar Hospital, Malang City, apart from Reivano Dwi Afriansyah, 17, a resident of Malang District, and Andi Setiawan, 33, a resident of Malang City.

On Saturday, October 1, chaos broke out after the match between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya, with a final score of 2-3, at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang District. As a result of the defeat, several supporters stormed the field area.

The riot grew bigger, as several flares were hurled in addition to other objects. Joint security officers from the police and Indonesia Defense Forces (TNI) attempted to dispel supporters by using tear gas.

As a result of the incident, as many as 135 people reportedly died from fractures, trauma to the head and neck, and asphyxia or reduced oxygen levels in the body. In addition, hundreds of people reportedly suffered from minor and severe injuries.

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