Denpasar (ANTARA) - Suwung Landfill Site (TPA) will be closed during the peak of the G20 Summit on November 15-16, 2022, Head of Public Relations and Protocol of the Denpasar City Government, I Dewa Gede Rai, said

"The Suwung TPA will be temporarily closed for two days at the peak of the G20 Summit. The community's waste will be handled by the waste management processing site of reduce, reuse, and recycle (TPS-3R) in each village," Rai informed in Denpasar, Sunday.

The temporary closure of the Suwung TPA during the G20 Summit aligned with the directives of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan and Bali Governor Wayan Koster, who expected the Denpasar City Government to realize environmental cleanliness, comfort, and smooth traffic.

"We will make maximum use of TPS-3R such as in Kreneng area. Most importantly, we ask the public to keep their waste for Bali's environment during G20 Summit," Rai added.

He said during those two days no trucks will transport garbage to Suwung TPA and that the community should hold back on dumping garbage if it is not so urgent.

"So, if it is not urgent, we will hold it at home first, after that we will maximize the transportation, in line with the operation of three Integrated Waste Processing Sites (TPSTs) namely Kertalangu, Tahura, and Padangsambian," he disclosed.

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Currently, the three TPSTs are in the completion and trial stages. When they are ready to operate, the Suwung TPA will be completely closed.

While waiting for the completion of the three TPSTs, the local government emphasized that the public should take advantage of the TPS-3R in 10 locations in Denpasar City, especially at the peak of the G20 Summit.

Meanwhile, one of the scavengers named Omar Brii (60) admitted that he had heard information about the temporary closure of the Suwung TPA which he felt would burden him.

"I cannot collect goods, therefore I cannot earn money. For one day, I can collect four sacks of trash or equivalent to Rp70 thousand," he said.

The scavenger who earns his living for 13 years at the Suwung TPA admitted that so far there has never been a closure except during the Nyepi Day.

During the Suwung TPA's closure for two days, he said he would find garbage in other places.

Meanwhile, Ketut Karti (39), the shop owner at the Suwung TPA, said that she was worried about the TPA's closure. She would not be able to receive any income if it closed.

"I cannot open my store, so it is a loss. Maybe I will find another location to sell, because it is only closed for two days," she said.

Karti who has been selling for three years at the Suwung TPA, has been making a living entirely from selling food and drinks for scavengers around the TPA, with a daily income of around Rp200 thousand.

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