They are volunteers, and they are not my officers. When a disaster occurs like this, they come naturally because of their calling
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini has ensured that the ministry will fulfill the logistical needs for flash flood refugees in Southeast Aceh District, Aceh Province.

The ministry's disaster preparation team (Tagana) has established a public kitchen at the Baiturrahim Mosque refugee post in Rambung Teldak Village that is able to provide up to three thousand meals per day.

"As you can see, this is the food supply for refugees per day. We have started since last Thursday. The public kitchen will exist according to the head of district's request," the minister noted in a written statement here, Wednesday.

Rismaharini later remarked that the public kitchen was managed by Tagana systemically without waiting for instructions.

"They are volunteers, and they are not my officers. When a disaster occurs like this, they come naturally because of their calling," she added.

Coordinator of the Tagana public kitchen in Rambung Teldak Village, Jamilun, said that the facility had started on November 3, or two days after the flash flood incident. Apart from preparing meals, the volunteers also helped to set up tents for refugees.

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In addition to meals, the ministry distributed social assistance in two stages.

Distribution under the first stage was through the "Insyaf" Center in Medan and included assistance of 100 mattresses, 100 blankets, 100 family kit packages, 50 packages of baby diapers, 100 packages of adult clothing, and 100 packages of sanitary napkins, valued at Rp119,425,300.

Meanwhile, distribution under the second stage was also through the "Insyaf" Center in Medan to the Agara District Social Service on November 5 and comprised assistance of 150 mattresses, 300 blankets, 200 family kit packages, 300 packages of baby clothing, 300 packages of adult clothes, 200 packages of sanitary napkins, 400 mattresses, and 60 food packages, with a total value of Rp305,600,250.

The ministry also supported the implementation of public kitchens worth Rp201,030,000 and Environmental Support for Refugees worth Rp6,770,000.

Minister Rismaharini also handed over compensation of Rp15 million each to the families of three victims of the flash flood. Thus, total assistance given by the Ministry of Social Affairs reached Rp677,825,550.

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Flash floods hit Southeast Aceh District on November 1 due to high-intensity rains that caused the Kali Alas, Lawe Kinga, and Muara Baru rivers to overflow.

The overflowing water damaged river embankments in the six sub-districts of Babussalam, Babul Rahmah, Bambel, Lawe Alas, Lawe Sigala-gala, and Darul Hasanah in Southeast Aceh. It also damaged some parts of the bridge that connected the sub-districts of Darul Hasanah and Badar.

The flash flood in Darul Hasanah Sub-district affected 466 families and damaged 80 houses in five villages comprising 17 houses that were heavily damaged, 29 houses that incurred moderate damage, and 34 houses that were slightly damaged.

The impact of the damage on people's houses also caused at least 183 families to take refuge at the Baiturrahim Mosque in Rambung Jaya Village, while 137 other families had to take refuge independently in the homes of their closest relatives.

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