We are developing IKN Nusantara to become one of the most sustainable cities not only in Asia, but also the world
Badung, Bali (ANTARA) - Indonesia’s new capital, Nusantara, is expected to be one of the most sustainable cities not only in Asia, but also the world, head of the New Capital (IKN) Authority, Bambang Susantono, has said.

"We are developing IKN Nusantara to become one of the most sustainable cities not only in Asia, but also the world," he informed at a “High-Level Experts and Leaders’ Panel (HELP) Conference” organized by the Indonesian G20 Presidency here on Friday.

The target will be realized because the development of IKN Nusantara will prioritize livable aspects such as the five elements of the modern city of the future, namely, green, smart, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable, Susantono explained.

According to him, the five elements will help make IKN Nusantara nature-friendly and human-oriented, as well as provide excellent access and quality urban services.

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IKN Nusantara has also been designed as a smart city, which will be supported by advanced technology in various fields, including water resource management and waste disposal, he added.

The government has also envisaged IKN Nusantara as a “sustainable forest city.” Buildings will occupy only about 25 percent of the new capital region’s area, while the remaining 75 percent will be maintained as a green area. Sixty-five percent of this green area will be covered in tropical forests that will act as carbon sinks.

According to Susantono, the creation of tropical forests has been carried out through a reforestation process to preserve the ecology and increase water absorption to reduce the risk of flooding, including absorbing carbon.

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"This has been combined with a highly controlled built-up area that allows the authorities to minimize carbon dioxide emissions in the city," he said.

Therefore, IKN Nusantara, which is currently still in the infrastructure development stage, will later become a carbon-neutral city by 2045, he added.

IKN Nusantara will also contribute to Indonesia's efforts toward realizing the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) target as well as the Paris Agreement.

“Developing IKN Nusantara is a development process with the concept of mutual works. (It involves) Joint efforts of various stakeholders to create a new growth engine that offers equal opportunities for all,” Susantono said.

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