Biak, Papua (ANTARA) - The Agriculture Ministry and the Indonesian Food and Agriculture Council (IFAC) will hold a roadshow to initiate Papuan agricultural food exports to the United States on November 28, 2022.

According to director of partnerships and fundraising at the IFAC, Yunus Saflembolo, the roadshow in the United States is meant to, among other things, showcase export commodities, such as Papuan coffee and tuna.

"Coffee and tuna iconic to Papua have export prospects in America, which are sold by IFAC and the members of the Agriculture Ministry," Saflembolo said.

He informed that all along, four types of specialty coffee from Papua have been very popular in foreign countries because of their distinctive aroma and flavor compared to their counterparts.

The four types of Papuan coffee are Bintang Mountains or Mount Jayawijaya coffee, Amungme Timika coffee from Mimika District, Moanemani coffee from Dogiyai District, and Baliem Wamena coffee from Jayawijaya District.

Meanwhile, other products with export prospects include Papua's tuna and matoa fruits (pometia pinnata).

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"IFAC is very optimistic that the opportunity to export agricultural and fishery products from Papua has the potential to improve the economy of the local indigenous Papuan people," Saflembolo said.

Agricultural and fishery products from Papua have a great potential in foreign export markets, he added.

He said he expected district government officials to continue to encourage indigenous Papuans by providing assistance in managing the potential of natural resources in the agricultural and marine fisheries sector on the basis of local wisdom.

"The opportunity for the agricultural export market from Papua, specifically to America, has the potential to generate foreign exchange and increase the economic income of local indigenous Papuans," he added.

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Translator: Muhsidin, Mecca Yumna
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