Jambi (ANTARA) - The Jambi city government set a World of Records Museum-Indonesia (MURI) record for a musical instrument performance involving one thousand youths, “Tarung Tabuh Seribu Penabuh Kompangan,” at the Keris Siginjai Monument on Saturday.

"Today, the Jambi city government has set a MURI record for the (performance) of tarung seribu penabuh kompangan by the young people of Jambi city," Mayor of Jambi, Syarif Fasha, remarked here on Saturday.

Kompangan is a musical instrument performance in which rebana, or kompangan, or a tambourine, is played to the chanting of Islamic verses.

Meanwhile, Saturday's activity at the Keris Siginjai Monument in Jambi city was attended by two groups comprising a total of one thousand kompangan players, known as penabuh.

"You (the kompangan players) are the witnesses to Indonesia's history that there were once a thousand kompangan players (who played at the same time)," Fasha said.

Kompangan was selected for the MURI record bid because it is a local traditional musical instrument.

The mayor said that kompangan has always been close to the people of Jambi city. It is often played at traditional, religious, and guest-welcoming events.

"Insya Allah (God willing), in the coming year (the number of kompangan players) will double and involve women, both from BKMT (Badan Kontak Majelis Taklim; a religious institution for women) and young people," Fasha said.

To preserve kompangan music, he said his administration is striving to ensure it is enjoyed by all audiences through a variety of music genres and rhythms.

"There is always kompangan presented at traditional and religious events," he added.

The Jambi city government also expressed its pride in the local young people for preserving the traditional musical instrument.

Meanwhile, MURI senior customer relations manager Triyono said that MURI has verified the activity involving a thousand participants.

"This is really extraordinary, so we award this world record to Jambi city because there is no activity like this in Indonesia and even the world," he remarked.

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