IMC is the real form of the government’s role in accelerating development and mastery of technology for the domestic manufacturing industry sector
Purwakarta, West Java (ANTARA) - Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita underscored that development of the Indonesia Manufacturing Center (IMC) has a role in expediting the mastery of technology for the manufacturing industry sector.

“IMC is the real form of the government’s role in accelerating development and mastery of technology for the domestic manufacturing industry sector,” he remarked while inaugurating the development of IMC here on Monday.

The event was also attended by Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Minister Teten Masduki and Head of the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) Muhammad Yusuf Ateh.

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Kartasasmita remarked that the development of IMC, which will be conducted on a 11-hectare plot of land in total, is pushed by the goals of the Industry Ministry to boost competitiveness and independence of the national industry through the development and improvement of mastery of industrial technology.

The development of IMC is part of the endeavors to bolster the national industry structure through improving technological mastery, so that the national industry can produce industrial products that are, so far, still imported to the country.

"To develop and increase mastery of industrial technology, we see the need for effective collaboration between all stakeholders," he stated.

Those stakeholders have an essential role to play in industrial technology development that includes universities, research institutions owned by the government and the private sector, business players, the community, and the government or what is often referred to as the Penta-Helix collaboration concept.

To realize an effective Penta-Helix collaboration, Kartasasmita said his ministry sees the need to institutionalize the collaboration in a space, namely IMC, which is equipped with adequate facilities and infrastructure.

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The presence of IMC is expected to support the national industry in improving the mastery of technology through services that will be provided, such as technology development and transfer services, industrial product development services, industrial workforce talent development services, and facilitate collaborative networks among stakeholders.

In the initial stage, the development of IMC will be conducted on a two-hectare plot of land that includes the construction of a management building as well as a teaching industry building that is financed through the State Budget (APBN) allocation of the Ministry of Industry.

“For the next stage of the IMC development, I hope financing for the development of teaching industry buildings and other supporting facilities can be carried out through cooperation patterns that are mutually beneficial between the government and the private sector or international research institutions," he remarked.

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