We expect that we can develop occupation maps, specifically at the vocational school level
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Cybersecurity Hackathon held by the Mastercard Academy 2.0 in collaboration with the InfraDigital Foundation is helping connect Indonesian cybersecurity talents with the industry, the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry has said.

"This is the initial step for us, such as assisting businesspersons and data producers in the cyber industry," the ministry's Acting Director of Partnership and Alignment for Vocational Education with Business and Industry, Uuf Brajwidagda, said in a statement issued on Friday.

"This certainly can be realized through collaboration with various parties such as the central government, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), industry, and community. We expect that we can develop occupation maps, specifically at the vocational school level," he added.

The Cybersecurity Hackhaton & Job Fair 2022 is seen as a link and match that can help digital talents to connect, showcase their ability, and get a job based on their capability.

An official from the Manpower Ministry, Muhyiddin, said the ministry is optimistic that Indonesia will not experience economic stagnation due to the existence of resilient human resources who can adapt to the growth of the digital sector.

"I expect that all government officials can cooperate with the business world and industry world to maximize potential, demographic bonus, and digital economic growth for the nation's prosperity," he remarked.

Meanwhile, chairman of the InfraDigital Foundation Muhammad Rofi said that the main component of the program's success is inclusivity.

From 2020 to 2021, the program only targeted participants from Java. However, in 2022, the foundation has targeted participants from more than 32 provinces, he informed.

Moreover, the InfraDigital Foundation is encouraging systemic changes in the integrated curriculum, which is a combination of the cybsersecurity industry curriculum and the existing curriculum in schools.

There are already more than 11 vocational schools that are adhering to the cybersecurity curriculum, he noted.

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