Jakarta (ANTARA) - Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno revealed that there were no significant cancellations in tourist visits after the Criminal Code Bill (RKUHP) was ratified by Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) on December 6.

"On Friday, there were no significant cancellations. However, we continued to monitor the movement to ensure the situation," he stated in Jakarta on Saturday.

As a monitoring and evaluation effort, Uno remarked that the ministry had deployed a team, one of which was in Australia, to observe the movement of tour booking on an hourly basis.

Moreover, in several other potential main markets, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and India, there were no reports of cancellations as of Friday at business closing time.

Uno pointed to an increase in foreign tourists arriving in the country through two main airports: Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, and I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bali.

"However, it still very early, so we will make sure to communicate and disseminate information on the regulation. I personally guarantee foreign tourists will have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience during their trip in Indonesia," he remarked.

The minister conveyed this information regarding the ratification of the RKUHP by the DPR on December 6, wherein one of the articles stated a rule regarding prohibition on cohabiting that will draw prosecution if there is a complaint from a husband/wife for people, who are bound by marriage, or parents/children for people, who are not bound by marriage.

For this mater, Uno will disseminate information to the community, especially business actors in the tourism sector, regarding the new RKUHP.

"We make sure and we will socialize that tourism in Indonesia is safe, comfortable, and fun. We will disseminate the information to travel agents and tour operators and will also ensure that their business will be safe. We are very welcome to foreign tourists," he added.

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Translator: Sinta Ambarwati, Resinta S
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