Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned cellular company Telkomsel has launched a carbon footprint program called Carbon Offset, which seeks to absorb the carbon footprint produced by daily human activities, to help preserve the planet and the environment.

The Carbon Offset program is one of the forms of business process element integration at Telkomsel in the effort to preserve the environment, Telkomsel's vice president for corporate communications, Saki Hamsat Bramono, said in a statement issued on Wednesday.

Telkomsel expects the Carbon Offset program to open an opportunity for people to contribute and participate in the effort, he added.

The company is cooperating with the startup Jejakin for implementing the Carbon Offset program.

Activities that produce carbon footprints include electronic device usage, fossil fuel usage, waste processing, and industrial works.

The carbon footprint produced in these activities is in the form of gas emissions that can cause a greenhouse effect. Excessive carbon footprint could lead to climate destruction in the future.

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According to data from the Environment and Forestry Ministry, Indonesia produced around 1.86 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2019. The industry sector was one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions nationally.

"This shows the need for collective effort from all parties, including entrepreneurs, to ensure the existence of collaboration in offsetting, even reducing the negative impacts of produced emission," Bramono remarked.

Carbon Offset, which is a part of the Telkomsel Preserve the Earth initiative, can be accessed by users via the MyTelkomsel application.

Users can exchange Telkomsel points for every 50 points, equivalent to 0.13 or 2.93 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Further, Telkomsel and Jejakin will organize tree planting every quarter. Users will need to provide their e-mail addresses and data to receive routine reports on their contribution to offsetting carbon footprints.

Telkomsel has organized at least two initiatives for the environment with the approach of the end of the year.

Earlier, the company organized a waste management program to recycle prepaid card packaging and plastic-material SIM card shells to turn them into reusable products such as a smartphone holders.

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