Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA) - The Aceh provincial government has launched an animal health clinic and a hotline for the Aceh Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) Crisis Center in the laboratory complex of the province's Animal Husbandry Office.

"The launch of this veterinary clinic aims to improve animal health services to the community in Aceh, as well as accelerate FMD control so that FMD cases in Aceh can be resolved immediately toward (realizing the goal of) FMD-free Aceh," acting Governor of Aceh Achmad Marzuki said here on Thursday, in a statement read by the head of the Aceh Regional Secretariat Development Administration Bureau, T. Robby Irza.

In his statement, Marzuki informed that FMD spread quickly in 20 districts/cities in Aceh. However, due to the FMD Handling Task Force's hard work, and with the support and collaboration of all parties, its spread could be controlled.

"Alhamdulillah (Thank God), we are grateful that currently, there are three districts that are free from FMD, which are Simeulue, Central Aceh, and Bener Meriah," he said.

He lauded the Aceh FMD Handling Task Force and each task force at the district/city level that worked hard to control FMD.

"Thank you to the FMD task forces throughout Aceh and vaccinators who have worked hard to prevent and control the spread of FMD, so that Aceh has currently achieved zero reports of FMD cases," he added.

He said that there is a need to be vigilant even though there are no longer any cases being reported. According to him, FMD, which attacks livestock, can have a negative effect on the community.

Therefore, efforts to prevent FMD transmission must continue to be carried out step-by-step through vaccination and bio-security measures.

Furthermore, the animal health service launched by the Aceh administration is expected to assist communities in taking care of farm animals. That way, economic losses due to FMD can be prevented.
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Translator: M Ifdhal, Kenzu
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