We also have a corner of goodness for one-stop integrated services at the social service that serves 15 good services
Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA) - The Social Affairs Ministry's assistance to Denpasar, Bali, for National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) and International Day of Disabled Persons (HDI) was able to reduce the region's inflation rate, Denpasar Mayor IGN Jaya Negara stated.

"The assistance, amounting to Rp1.024 billion, comprised assistance for orphans, with Rp4.2 million for seven kids, and basic food assistance of Rp1 million per person, with 600 recipients. It can help to reduce the inflation rate," he noted here, Tuesday.

The Social Affairs Ministry's assistance, totaling Rp1,024 billion, was distributed to 600 recipients in the form of food packages, 24 adaptive canes, 30 educational props, seven wheeled walkers, five walkers, one tripod, two crutches, one standard wheelchair, five electric wheelchairs, and 10 adaptive wheelchairs for people with cerebral palsy.

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In addition, the ministry handed over 11 educational aids and three hearing aids, five entrepreneurship development tools, one three-wheeled motorcycle, three hearing aids, 24 water sensors for blind people, and seven assistance in the form of savings for orphans in Denpasar, the mayor remarked.

Apart from reducing the inflation rate, the assistance, especially the food packages, is a form of collaboration between the government and the private sector to eliminate extreme levels of vulnerability and help people with disabilities.

In addition, Negara had informed the ministry regarding the family program school to reduce extreme poverty in his region.

"We also have a corner of goodness for one-stop integrated services at the social service that serves 15 good services. There is an integrated social welfare data management with achievements of 244 thousand people with 67 thousand families. We also have a Nawasena house, a hope house for disabled people to be productive, independent, and creative by forming a joint business group," he noted.

The head of the ministry's "Kartini Temanggung" disabilities center, Rachmat Koesnadi, said that his party chose Bali Province, including Denpasar, as he saw that the area was actively paying attention to the welfare of people in need, such as persons with disabilities.

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Koesnadi expressed his support for Denpasar mayor's efforts to collaborate with various parties to help people in need of social welfare.

"We want to offer a sense of togetherness, help, and mutual cooperation, especially those who need social welfare. Bali, including Denpasar, was also chosen to host the 2022 National Social Solidarity Day," he added.

I Nyoman Juniarta, a disabled person who received assistance, expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Denpasar city government.

"Thank you for providing us with daily facilities, such as electric wheelchairs and other devices, for our friends. They also receive adequate facilities and infrastructure," he stated.

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