We must not allow raw commodities to be exported infinitely
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said he would announce the termination of export of another raw commodity following the nickel ore export ban in place in 2020.

"We had stopped the nickel (export) earlier, and I would again announce the termination of the export of another commodity that we have today. After I announce (the commodity export ban), it must stop," the president stated during the 2023 Indonesian Economic Outlook event here, Wednesday.

The president believes that continuing to export raw materials is unsustainable for Indonesia while affirming that more commodities will be barred from export in the future.

"We must not allow raw commodities to be exported infinitely. Next year, (the export ban will target) either one or two (commodities), and the exports must be stopped," he emphasized.

The ban on nickel ore export greatly benefits Indonesia, as the US$1.1-billion nickel ore export value increased to US$30 billion through the processing of raw commodity, thereby increasing its added value, Jokowi noted.

The president said he would persevere to stick to the decision despite Indonesia's move to stop the exports of raw commodities challenged by foreign parties.

"It is not a problem if we are challenged. Let them challenge our (export ban on) nickel and other commodities. When the second challenge is not resolved, we will announce the third commodity (export ban). It is fine because our main duty is to seek the maximum added value," he remarked.

Earlier, Deputy Finance Minister Suahasil Nazara stated that Indonesia would continue the downstreaming process of natural resources to create new sources for economic growth.

Indonesia is determined to continue the process despite its defeat in the World Trade Organization's (WTO's) Dispute Settlement Body against the European Union that challenged Indonesia's nickel ore export ban last October.

"We will continue and push for the downstreaming process. Will (Indonesia's defeat in WTO) stop our downstreaming? It will not," Nazara stated on November 29.

Indonesia's defeat in the WTO would instead bolster the government's resolve to advance with the downstreaming process, he emphasized.

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