We cannot choose the challenge, (though) what we can choose is to strengthen our readiness
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani projects challenges in 2023 to be increasingly complex, with unpredictable patterns.

"This is caused by geopolitical aspects, security aspects, and war, in addition to economic aspects, such as the food and energy crises, whose source sometimes comes from the non-economic source as well," the minister stated at the 2022 Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) Stakeholder Gathering in Jakarta, Wednesday.

To this end, she expressed optimism that well-established cooperation between stakeholders in difficult times will get stronger and better since it will become Indonesia's capital to move forward.

The minister believes that Indonesia has no control over the surprises, tests, and challenges that arise, as they are part of the country's journey as a nation.

"We cannot choose the challenge, (though) what we can choose is to strengthen our readiness," she remarked.

Hence, Mulyani invited all stakeholders to strengthen Indonesia's power by working synergistically, competently, professionally, and with high integrity. In addition, the effort must be made to maintain the people's money to achieve its goals to protect the people and the economy as well as conduct investment tasks to prepare future generations.

The minister explained that in difficult times, the public's money in the state budget becomes a very important instrument, with very rich and various dimensions.

Mulyani noted that the management of state finance is complicated since it encompassed several aspects, such as tax revenue, customs and excise revenue, and non-tax state revenue (PNBP), for instance, royalties and government and ministry and agency profit sharing. Thus, it must be managed carefully.

The money sourced from the economy and the people will also return to the community in the form of various state expenditures, and if there is a budget deficit, this will be used to finance existing activities in the economy, she remarked.

"This is what we try to maintain as a state budget cycle. Accountable, productive, and responsible state finances to the community," she stated.

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